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Who Do Pit Bull Owners Call for ‘Aggression’ Issues?

psychic medium for pit bull owners

Who Do Pit Bull Owners Call for ‘Aggression’ Issues? — The Psychic Gerbil Knows

Tia Torres recommends that pit bull owners whose dogs have “aggression” issues to seek help by calling psychic medium Cinimon Clark (who is available to do phone readings for humans and animals). It’s just $50 per phone call!

We get so many calls and emails from owners looking for help with their dog(s). Unfortunately I (Tia) can no longer tackle these calls/emails due to the amount of time that needs to go into each situation … So we are offering up the next best thing and that is my former California training partner, Cinimon Clark. (pictured with Crawfish who she adopted from VRC). Not only is she excellent with aggression issues but also a dynamic “doggie therapist” when it comes to problem solving and helping the humans figure out what their dog has been trying to tell them all along. Although she is based out of Los Angeles, Cinimon has created a “phone call training session” for $50…..I mean……you can’t beat that price!!!” – Tia Torres, Aug. 1, 2016